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TZipFile is an object that encapsulates a zip file so you can access it as if it's a filesystem. TZipFile is released under the LGPL license. TZipFile comes with a Lazarus package, so it's very easy to install it. The component is tested under Win32 and Linux_x86_32. File compression is currently not implemented although this feature is under development, so check SVN regularly. Currently only uncompressed files can be read and written to and from a zipfile.


Note: For people needing compression: TZipper reads/writes zip files and supports various compression algorithms. See paszlib#TZipper


Darius Blaszijk




You can contact me directly by email or go to the #lazarus-ide channel on freenode.


Change Log

  • Version 0.1 9-Nov-2006: Initial release of the package.


  • Basic file operations - stable


  • Stress testing
  • Testing on more platforms (please add your platform on this page if it's not listed)
  • Adding more tests
  • Implementing deflate and inflate algorithm


  • Windows XP - i386
  • SuSe Linux 10.0 - i386

Dependencies / System Requirements

  • Lazarus 0.9.20+ and FPC 2.0.4+ (most probably older versions will work too)
  • Status: Beta
  • Issues: None known.


  • Download the package from Sourceforge and unzip it anywhere you want.
  • Open Lazarus
  • Open the package ZipFilePkg.lpk with Component/Open package file (.lpk)
  • (Click on Compile only if you don't want to install the component into the IDE)
  • Click on Install and answer 'Yes' when you are asked about Lazarus rebuilding. A new tab named 'MB' will be created in the components palette.


Drop TZipFile on a form. Set the filename property and set active to True. That's all. See the provided example for more advanced usage.

See also

The paszlib unit provided with FPC has support for many zip compression and decompression formats.