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Implements the DOM level 2 Core specification and some of the DOM level 3 Core properties/methods.

Supported DOM level 3 properties and methods:

  • TDOMNode.TextContent
  • TDOMNode.BaseURI
  • TDOMText.IsElementContentWhitespace
  • TDOMNode.LookupNamespaceURI()
  • TDOMDocument.DocumentURI
  • TDOMAttr.IsID
  • TDOMNode.LookupPrefix()
  • TDOMNode.IsDefaultNamespace()
  • XmlVersion property (stub in TDOMDocument, functional in TXMLDocument)
  • TDOMDocument.XmlEncoding, TDOMEntity.XmlEncoding


  • The specification says that TDOMNode.lookupNamespaceURI() should return the default namespace if its argument is null and null if the argument is an empty string. Pascal, however, does not allow to distinguish between null and empty string, so we have no other choice than returning default namespace for empty string arguments.

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