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ideU the IDE. Universal.

Multi OS, multi languages, multi compilers, voice assisted.

ideU is based on MSEide by Martin Schreiber.

There are binaries-executable with plugin fpGUI uidesigner_ext_ideu and sak assistive voice speacher included. For Windows 64/32, Linux 64/32 and FreeBSD 64/32, ARM-Raspberry pi.

To see ideU in operation (in polYdev) look at the last message in this forum thread (it has a link to a 15 MB video):

To see ideU in operation (in translating fpc applications into Java applications) watch this 6 MB video: and follow these instructions: with these two changes: 1) Replace "begin MainProc;" with "exports ..." 2) Add "-fPIC" to compile parameters


1. Download the IDE binary:

2. To install ideU, just unzip the release and run ideU.

For Unix system: (The last character of ideU is a U majuscule)

  1. /directory/of/ideU/ideU

For Windows system:

  1. C:\directory\of\ideU\ideU.exe

3. To reset the config to default, delete the folders:

For Windows: C:\Users\You_User\AppData\Local\ideU and C:\Users\You_User\AppData\Roaming\.ideu

For Unix: /home_user_directory/.ideu and /home_user_directory/.config/ideU