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I have made some changes to the Editor and Component library sections of the Tutorial pages.

I fixed most of the links to pop-up pages and specialised description files, by directing them to the original pages in the old WiKi,; at least they now work, rather than simply returning the reader to the front page. However, I wonder whether this was counter-productive, and whether I should have tried to migrate all the linked files to the new directory structure? Trouble is, I can't find where to put files in the new /kb/..... structure.

ChrisKirk 13 March 2005

I think using the pictures on the old pages is fine for now. I have to find out how we can enable uploading pictures for just a selected group. Enabling uploads for anybody, who is logged in, seems a bit of security risk. Vincent 00:49, 13 Mar 2005 (PST)
After consulting with Tom Lisjac, I enabled the uploading of images. I will monitor it closely to see, if it is abused. Vincent 08:20, 23 Mar 2005 (PST)

fpdoc pages

What shall we do with the pages generated from fpdoc, like ComCtrls. I don't think it is very usefull to convert those too. Did you get any repsonse on those pages? Can the current content be merged back into the xml files?
I have been thinking about writing mediawiki backend for fpdoc, so we can generate wiki pages and import those. Then we only have to look for changes and merge those changes to the xml files. But I am not sure it is worth the trouble. Vincent 07:10, 13 Mar 2005 (PST)

I was disappointed at the lack of response to the pages which I generated and posted. I had hoped that the originators of the various units might have contributed some explanations, descriptions and comments once the structure of the files had been created, but this does not seem to be the approach that works.

In the final analysis, someone is going to have to go through the files, entry by entry, variable by variable, and procedure/function by procedure/function, in order to produce complete and useful documentation. As I said before, I am willing to do some of this, but I'll need a lot of help (I looked back over the mailing list archives and find that it's over a year since I first posted about wanting to help produce useful Help documentation!)

A mediawiki backend for fpdoc might be helpful, but only if people put stuff on the wiki. ChrisKirk 14:30 15 Mar 2005 (GMT)