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window Inspector Find File & Select

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last v0.5.1_fullSRC.zip

Adds features to the IDE

Searching file from "Source Editor", in open "Inspectors" windows ("Project Inspector", "Package Editor").

How it works

Setting focus to a node "Dependency Tree" of window "Inspector", according to the current active file in the "Source Editor".

For a visual understanding, see GIF demonstration IDE Command and Auto MODE.


IDE Command
  • shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F (to change see Shortcuts)
  • menu item: IDE menu->Search->Find File in "Inspector"
  • menu item: Source editor->Рopup menu->Find File in "Inspector"
  • additionally:
    • if file found in "Inspector", then brings window to "foreground"
    • message, if the file is not found in any of the open windows "Inspectors"
Auto mode
  • the search starts when you change "Active source editor"
  • additionally:
    • if file found in "Inspector", then brings window to "Second Plan" (this works well on Windows systems. For other systems this option is by default NOT included, since it leads to "blink" interface)
    • visual highlighting of the active node in the "Dependency Tree"
    • save state of collapsed nodes in the "Dependency Tree"
    • "minimap" for Selected and Active node in the "Dependency Tree"
    • "Dependency Tree" in "Inspector"
      • additional items in Рopup menu (Collapse All ...)

Installation and Configuration

  • Sources: clone the repository with ALL subprojects OR download "FULL source code" archive (.._fullSRC.zip) from last release.
  • Installation: It uses a standard installation package scheme.
  • Configuration: if you want, before the "build" package, edit the file in0k_lazExt_SETTINGs.inc.