FPC New Features 3.2.2

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About this page

FPC 3.2.2 has been released on May 20th, 2021.

Below you can find a list of new features introduced since the previous release, along with some background information and examples.

A list of changes that may break existing code can be found at User Changes 3.2.2.

New compiler targets

Support for macOS/AArch64

  • Overview: The compiler can now target macOS running on AArch64
  • Notes: The Darwin/AArch64 target corresponds to macOS/AArch64. Generating code for iOS/AArch64 requires a different command line parameter compared to previous versions.
  • More information: Build instructions
  • svn: 45762


Record methods assigned to method variables



MySQL 8.0 support
  • Overview: Support for MySQL 8.0 has been implemented.
  • svn: 48692


Naming of Threads
  • Overview: TThread.NameThreadForDebugging has been implemented.
  • Notes: Delphi compatible, currently implemented for Windows, Linux and Android. Read documentation as every platform has its own restrictions.
  • svn: 45160, 45206, 45233

New Features from other versions