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The Free Pascal Application Suite plans to bundle many useful applications written in Free Pascal in order to help increase the popularity of applications written in Pascal, in order to demonstrate the power of Lazarus/Free Pascal and also in order to have a good kit of applications for the Free Pascal Window Manager.

What should all applications in this suite have?

  1. Free/Open software license for the application, such as GPL, BSD or something like that
  2. Available in a public subversion, such as provided by source forge, googlecode, etc
  3. The applications should be cross-platform.
    1. For the Desktop version:
      1. An Inno Setup installer for Windows. See also Inno Setup Usage. Best practices recomendations (not required): High DPI, Windows Icon.
      2. RPM and DEB packages for Linux.
      3. Mac OS X Application bundle.
    2. For the Mobile version: Installers for Windows CE, iPhone and Android
  4. Some kind of stable release every once in a while
  5. A bug tracker (as soon as people use the application, they will start reporting bugs)


Release 0.1 (targets mostly Windows)

  • Lazarus Image Editor 0.9 - A raster image editor
    • Download for Windows 32-bits: http:/
    • Download source code: Lazarus-CCR rev 2285. See Lazarus Image Editor

List of good Free Pascal applications to be included

Name Type/Group State Targets Responsible Comments
LazEdit Text editor Ready all desktop Bart and Felipe -
miniedit Text editor ? all desktop Zaher -
MyNotex Note taking/Text Ready GNU/Linux Massimo Nardello GPLv3
Magnifier Screen Magnifier/Accessibility Ready all desktop Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho ?
OvoPlayer Audio Player Ready for Windows, is very slow in Linux all desktop - -
PeaZip Compression Lacks Mac support windows,linux ? ?
Lazarus Image Editor Raster image editor Needs release building ? ? -
LazPaint Raster image editor An alternative image editor all desktop Circular BGRABitmap
Calculator Calculator Not even started ? ? -
Double Commander File Manager Ready ? ? -
fpChess Game Under development all desktop and all mobile Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho -
fpbrowser Web Browser Initial release ready all desktop ? ?
fpfolders File Manager Not started all desktop ? ?
Turbo Circuit Engineering Under rework all desktop Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho -
LazEyes Toy Ready all desktop Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho -
TappyTux Educational Ready all desktop Dennis Seman e Felipe -

Other FPC Applications

This is a list for extra apps which might be used.

Name Type/Group State Targets Responsible Comments
KSP Audio Player Lacks maintainer to fix windows,? - -
ConTEXT Editor Text Editor Needs porting to Lazarus Desktop ?
TextDIFF Diff/Merge utility Needs porting to Lazarus Desktop ?
Martins Editor Text Editor Not free software? All Desktop ?
Cactus Jukebox Audio Player Ready all desktop Abandoned -