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This is part of the online help for the IDE.
It describes the section: "Editor" / "Key Mappings". You can open the described dialog in your IDE via:

  • The menu: "Tools" => "Options" / Editor options ...
  • The source-editor pop-up menu: "Editor properties ...



Key Mappings

See Lazarus IDE Shortcuts.


At the top there is an edit field to set a text filter. You can type some letters and the tree will be updated to show only those keys which description contains the word. Set empty to show all.

Tree of IDE shortcuts

Here you can see all commands and shortcuts of the IDE. Click on one of the keys to popup a dialog to edit the shortcut.

Find key combination

Click on the button to show a dialog. Grab a key and press ok. The tree will then only show those keys that start with the shortcut. Select VK_UNKNOWN to show all.

Load a scheme

The load a scheme button opens the Choose Key Mapping Scheme dialog and allows you to choose one of the predefined key mapping schemes. This will replace all your shortcuts.

Check consistency

Search for double defined keys.