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(StdCtrls unit Online Docsも参照のこと)


デフォルトでは新しいグラフィカルアプリケーションがプロジェクトに作られるとき、Form1がプロジェクトに加えられる。ツールバーの「New Form」をクリックするか、ファイルメニューの「新規フォーム」を選択することにより、さらにフォームが追加される。

Standard タブ

(StdCtrls unit Online Docsも参照のこと)

Component Palette Standard.png
  • ポインタ (コンポーネントを選択していないことを示すために使われる)

Additional タブ

(See also the ExtCtrls unit Online Docs)

Component Palette Additional.png

Common Controls タブ

(See also the ComCtrls unit Online Docs)

Component Palette Common Controls.png
  • Controls which are not part of the LCL, but install in this tab:
    • TRichMemo
    • TDateTimePicker (included in Lazarus and installed automatically with make bigide, but not officially part of LCL)

Dialogs タブ

(See also the Dialogs unit Online Docs)

Component Palette Dialogs.png
  • Several useful Dialog procedures or functions don't appear on the palette, but are easily used as direct calls from your source program.

Data Controls タブ

Data-aware components, which largely replicate the Standard and Additional groups but are applicable to databases:

(See also the DBCtrls unit Online Docs)

Component Palette Data Controls.png
  • Also on this tab:
    • TDBDateTimePicker, which is included in Lazarus and installed automatically with make bigide, but not officially part of LCL.

Data Access タブ

Tha palette Data Access contains components for access to local and in-memory database tables.

Component Palette Data Access.png

System タブ

Component Palette System.png

SQLdb タブ

Non-visible components for access to "large" database systems.

Component Palette SQLdb.png

Misc タブ

Component Palette Misc.png

LazControls タブ

The LazControls tab lists various (non related) Lazarus-specific components. They are needed by the IDE but can be used also by other projects.

Component Palette LazControls.png


Specialized components for use with runtime type information.

Component Palette RTTI.png

SynEdit tab

SynEdit is an advanced multi-line edit control, which is integrated into the Lazarus. It is the code editor of the Lazarus IDE and is available in the directory "lazarus/components/synedit". It supports Syntax Highlighting, code completion, code folding and includes exporters for html, tex and rtf. It is a fully custom drawn component, meaning that it doesn't wrap native controls of each platform and that no external library is required; this make SynEdit a crossplatform component. Note that the SynEdit available with Lazarus is a fork of the original SynEdit for Borland Delphi, Kylix and C++Builder which can be found in synedit at sourceforge

Component Palette SynEdit.png

Chart tab

The Chart tab lists components for use with graphs and charts from the TAChart package. They are not part of the LCL, but most of them are installed by default.

Component Palette Chart.png

iPro tab

The IPro palette lists components related to display of html pages. They do not belong to the IDE but are needed by the IDE to show the html-formatted popup coding hints and the chm help files.

Component Palette IPro.png