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ImageMagick の概要

ImageMagick は、ビットマップイメージの作成、編集、組み立てを支援するフリーソフトウェアスイートです。GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, PDF, PhotoCD, TIFF, DPX などを含む、膨大な数の形式に対応しています(90を超えます)。イメージのクリッピング(クロップ)、色の変更、多様な効果の適用、イメージの回転・合成、文字・線・ポリゴン・楕円・ベジエ曲線のイメージへの追加、伸縮、回転をすることが可能です。 

このスイートはメジャーなオペレーティングシステム上で動作し、共通してコマンドラインから使用できるもので、しかも、このコマンドラインツールのパッケージは Linux の標準パッケージのひとつとして多くのディストリビューション向けに配布されています。


  • イメージの形式を他の形式に変換する(例 PNG を JPEG に)
  • イメージへのリサイズ、回転、シャープ、減色、特殊効果
  • イメージサムネイルのモンタージュを作成
  • Web上で使用するのに適した透明化されたイメージの作成
  • イメージ郡を GIF アニメシーケンスに変換
  • いくつかの別々のイメージを結合して合成画像を作成
  • イメージ上に図形や文字を描画
  • イメージを境界線や枠で装飾
  • イメージの形式と詳細を取得

ImageMagick Book

ImageMagick Tricks This fast paced and practical tutorial is packed with examples of photo manipulations, logo creation, animations, and complete web projects. With this book up your sleeve, you'll be creating spellbinding images from code in no time.

MagickWand について

MagickWand API は、ImageMagick チームお奨めのインターフェイスです。スイートの利用を容易にするプログラミングインターフェイスのひとつです。

MagickCore について

MagickCore API は、ImageMagick の下層インターフェィスです。

PascalMagick について

このポートは、MagickWand と Magick Core の両方について c 言語のヘッダーファイルを Pascal に焼き直したものです。



Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

Ángel Eduardo García


BSD スタイル及びGPL互換(GPLコンパチブル)。(訳注:「GPL互換(GPLコンパチブル)」という言葉は「GPLのソフトウェアと一緒に利用して新たなソフトウェアを作成可能」という意味ですから、ImageMagickのライセンスはGPLとは無関係なライセンスです。詳しくはこちらのGPLの両立性という項目を見てみてください)

ImageMagickのライセンスはここ で読めます。


PascalMagick 0.4 is available here:

Status: Magick Wand headers are complete and working on both Windows and Linux.


The current version of PascalMagick works on Windows and Linux. Beta testers are necessary for the Mac OS X version.

To start with, install ImageMagick binaries from the official website:

Now download and unzip PascalMagick package (Instructions on the Download section above).

To check that everything is working, open the PascalMagick/wand/wanddemo.lpi project. Now go to the Project --> "Compiler Options dialog" and change the "Other Units" field to point to "../magick", so it can find the PascalMagick/magick/ImageMagick.pas file. After this you can compile and run the test program.

If the program is working, it will load the image.png image located on the same directory as he is, resize it and then save it as a jpg called image.jpg.

One Extra step is necessary on Linux: Rename the image.PNG to image.png due to case issues.

Demonstration program 1

  Demonstration program for the ImageMagick Library

  This program was converted from c by: Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

  Usage: Just execute the program. It will resize the image.png image
  on it´s directory to fit (106, 80) and convert it to a jpg.
{Version 0.1}
program wanddemo;

{$mode objfpc}{$H+}

uses SysUtils, magick_wand, ImageMagick;

procedure ThrowWandException(wand: PMagickWand);
  description: PChar;
  severity: ExceptionType;
  description := MagickGetException(wand, @severity);
  WriteLn(Format('An error ocurred. Description: %s', [description]));
  description := MagickRelinquishMemory(description);

  status: MagickBooleanType;
  wand: PMagickWand;
  { Read an image. }

  wand := NewMagickWand;
    status := MagickReadImage(wand, 'image.png');
    if (status = MagickFalse) then ThrowWandException(wand);

    { Turn the images into a thumbnail sequence. }


    while (MagickNextImage(wand) <> MagickFalse) do
     MagickResizeImage(wand, 106, 80, LanczosFilter, 1.0);

    { Write the image as MIFF and destroy it. }
    status := MagickWriteImages(wand, 'image.jpg', MagickTrue);
    if (status = MagickFalse) then ThrowWandException(wand);

    wand := DestroyMagickWand(wand);



You can download the subversion version of this project using this command:

svn checkout imagemagick

You can also download the full fpc 2.1.1 repository and it will be included.

Bug Reporting/Feature Request

Tests are necessary to verify if the bindings work with all versions of ImageMagick.

You can post Bug Reports / Feature Requests here:

Bug 1

There is an error in The correct declaration is function NewPixelIterator(wand: PMagickWand): PPixelIterator; cdecl; external WandExport;

also the following declarations should be added function PixelGetNextIteratorRow(iterator: PPixeliterator; var wandCount : Cardinal) : PPPixelWand; cdecl; external WandExport;

function PixelGetPreviousIteratorRow(iterator: PPixeliterator; var wandCount : Cardinal) : PPPixelWand; cdecl; external WandExport;

Cheers, Todd.

Status: Fixed on 0.3

Bug 2

There is a problem in "magick_wand.pas" and "ImageMagick.pas": the compiler option "{$PACKRECORDS C}" must be in the "{$ifdef FPC}[...]{$endif}". Otherwise the units do not compile with Delphi (Delphi 7 in my case).

Best wishes, Marc Geldon (PRO IT SYSTEMS)

Bug 3

your definition of "MagickGetImagePage" in

function MagickGetImagePage(wand: PMagickWand; width, height: PCardinal; x, y: Integer): MagickBooleanType; cdecl; external WandExport;

correct definition (x and y are "PInteger"!):

function MagickGetImagePage(wand: PMagickWand; width, height: PCardinal; x, y: PInteger): MagickBooleanType; cdecl; external WandExport;

Best wishes, Marc Geldon (PRO IT SYSTEMS)

Bug 4

ImageMagick 6.2.7 (don't know exactly what version) introduced a few changes in MagickWand record and others. Also, a few variable definitions were incorrectly declared, and some function imports missed the "cdecl", so they didn't work (like NewMagickWand()). I've fixed all this issues. Can I upload the changes somewhere?

Best regards, Arcnor

Hello, you can send it to me, and I´ll apply the changes. My e-mail is By the way, did you correct bugs 2 and 3 also? thanks a lot --Sekelsenmat 05:07, 8 June 2006 (CEST)

Bug 5

MagickNewImage parameters convention is cdecl.

Correct definition of MagickNewImage in

function MagickNewImage(wand: PMagickWand; const columns, rows: Cardinal;
 const background: PPixelWand): MagickBooleanType; cdecl; external WandExport;

Bug 6

MagickCompositeImage : Composite_wand is a PMagickWand constant.

Correct definition of MagickCompositeImage in

function MagickCompositeImage(wand: PMagickWand; const composite_wand: PMagickWand; 
 const compose: CompositeOperator; const x, y: Integer): MagickBooleanType; cdecl; external WandExport;

--RuBBeR 18:03, 3 July 2006 (CEST)

Status: Bugs 2-6 fixed on v0.4. Thanks to all (Arcnor)

Change Log

  • 07.11.07
  1. Added 4 missing functions on on fpc subversion, but no new release
  • 12.07.06 PascalMagick version 0.4 released
  1. Last bugs fixed
  • 24.05.06 PascalMagick version 0.3 released
  1. Minor fixes on the bindings
  • 10.04.06 PascalMagick version 0.2 released
  1. MagickWand API fully translated
  2. Added a second demonstration program
  • 27.12.05 PascalMagick version 0.1 released
  1. About 80% of the MagickWand API is translated
  2. The basic demonstration program is working well
  3. Only the very minimum necessary MagickCode headers were translated
  • 14.12.05 Began working on a pascal port for the c headers


Please send help requests to the Lazarus Forum or the Lazarus mailling list.