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The term Sibyl denotes a family of Object Pascal IDEs for OS/2, eComStation and Windows.

Speedsoft Sibyl

The first Sibyl version was Speedsoft Sibyl, which also included a Delphi-like Pascal compiler. The IDE was developed on top of Speed-Pascal/2, a Turbo-Pascal compatible 32 bit compiler and IDE for OS/2 by the now defunct German company SpeedSoft. The first Beta version was released in April 1997.


After being discontinued and open sourced by Speedsoft, development of Sibyl was resumed by Wolfgang Draxler. WDSibyl contains a Pascal compiler that is an improved version of that of Speedsoft Sibyl. It is available under a GPL license.

Open Sibyl

Another modern Sibyl implementation is Open Sibyl, a RAD IDE that abadonded the Sibyl compiler and replaced it with Free Pascal. Open Sibyl is available as source code under a GPL license.


Today, all Sibyl implementations have a rather small user base. WDSibyl and Open Sibyl are, however, the only RAD IDEs for Pascal development on and for OS/2 and eComStation (eCS), which are important operating systems for enterprise markets. Sibyl also had a historical impact, since the Megido initiative had the intention to port Speedsoft Sibyl to Free Pascal and to extend its targeting to Linux. While Megido failed it had nevertheless a lasting impact since it was the nucleus of the later highly successful Lazarus project.

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