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Components and Libraries


5dpo Component Library is a set of components developed by the 5dpo Robotic Soccer Team. It provides a visual serial port (TSdpoSerial) implementation of Synaser, an IEEE1394 camera (TSdpoVideo1394) component, an UVC video driver component (TSdpoVideo4L2) for webcams, a Gtk fast painting form (TSdpoFastForm) and a Joystick (TSdpoJoystick) component.


Audorra is a digital audio library for Delphi and Freepascal. Using a flexible plugin architecture, it allows you to exchange the audio backend (e.g. WaveOut, OpenAL), add protocol classes (e.g. file, http) and decoders.


BrasLib is a new report component for Lazarus under development by brazilian programmers.

Brook Framework

Brook framework is the perfect Free Pascal framework for your web applications. It's pure Pascal. You don't need to leave your preferred programming language. It's complete: simple actions or configurable actions for database access, advanced routing features, wizard for Lazarus, support for internationalization, high compatibility with JSON structures, easy and elegant REST implementation, plugins for varied needs, extensible and decoupled brokers... In fact, you have several reasons to adopt Brook as your web development framework.


  • Advanced routes management - Actions are performed by means of routes. The application replies to requests that pass information through routes. Implementing this could involve a bunch of boring tests, but Brook knows how to receive a request and choose the correct URL and the correct method to reply to it. Using Brook, you have shorter and friendlier code to handle your routes.
  • Integrated data persistance - Brook can work together well with other frameworks. Brook offers a table object where data can be handled. Less instantiations, less coding, with an elegant syntax. These are advantages of Brook, but in this case, it's a special virtue of Greyhound, the partner project responsible for handling databases. Within Brook, scope, there are other database layers available for specific usages but for most cases, Greyhound is the best one.
  • JSON native support - JSON structures are largely used by JavaScript. JSON is widespred in the web for data exchange purposes. You will really appreciate Brooks' good JSON support.
  • REST architecture support - If you didn't come from the web development world, you won't understand the power of REST. REST is not a software component or a tool kit, but an idea. An idea able to simplify and standardize data requests and replies. Brook is powerful even if you don't use REST -- but you will want to use it.
  • Lazarus wizards for installation and usage - No, Brook didn't forget Lazarus users. With Lazarus, development is easier; with the Brook wizards, only a few clicks are required to start and configure your Brook projects.
  • Plugins for varied needs - In the full Brook package, everything is included: mail sending, HTTP utilities, templating, algebraic expression processing, RSS reading and writing and much more. You can see the whole list of plugins here.

Read more ...

CUPS for lazarus

Olivier Guilbaud CUPS for lazarus project is developing the bindings for pascal to use the CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) libraries. With some dialogs for select printer, setup printer, setup printer jobs.


Note: This package is deprecated, Cups for Lazarus is now integrated in Printers4Lazarus package which is included with Lazarus. --jesusrmx 20:10, 26 June 2006 (CEST)


DXScene is a 3D hardware accelerated graphics library. It increases the speed of the development of all graphical applications. It provides: a 3D and 2D graphical editor integrated in IDE, 3D shapes and transformation, 2D graphical objects, simplify animation, advanced windows and controls, maximum performance, skinning engine, bitmap effects, 3DS file converter. DXScene can be used as development tool for standard, multimedia, SCADA, GIS, CAD and KIOSK applications. It support Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. For more info see


fpctwit is a plurk, Twitter and OAuthv1 library with example programs (console and GUI). It's a framework that implements the Oauthv1 authorization protocol.

The OAuth library (and the Twitter and plurk libraries using that) uses the Synapse network units for easy communication, but can easily be adapted for other network layers. It supports OAuthv1 secure authentication and SSL/TLS encryption.

The library uses modified fpJSON units to allow getting UTF8 data out of the JSON data with Tweets returned from Twitter (for FPC trunk, the FPC units are used as Michael Van Canneyt added support for UTF8 in trunk).

Functionality includes: getting tweets using the Search API, tweeting, getting username info, authenticating using PIN/OOB or preset credentials (consumerkey+secret,authtoken+secret).

The twitter console demo, fpctwit, also demonstrates the Streaming API to process and show Tweets and deletion messages.

There is a plurk console demo that demonstrates the functionality in the plurk library.

The plurk and Twitter libraries use the included OAuth1 unit that provides OAuth1 authentication. This authentication mechanism is also used for other service providers.

The Lazarus demo application, imaginatively named fpctwitGUI, is shown in the Lazarus Application Gallery at fpctwitGUI


FlashEngine is a set of components for Delphi, C++ Builder and Lazarus which add extra features to Adobe Flash (ActiveX or Netscape plugin)- such as loading from any sources, grab real 32-RGBA frames, real transparency playing. It supports Windows and Mac OS X. For more info see


Greyhound is a tiny ORM-ish for Free Pascal. It is fast, clean and simple to use.


Mattias Gaertner's gtk2forpascal project is developing the bindings for pascal to use the gtk2 libraries (gimp tool kit). Supported Languages are Free Pascal and Kylix and the bindings are intended to work under Linux, FreeBSD and Win32. These bindings are now also part of the packages supplied with fpc.

Habari ActiveMQ Client / Habari OpenMQ Client

Habari ActiveMQ Client is a library (and components) for Delphi(tm) 6 to 2009 and Free Pascal which provides easy access to Apache ActiveMQ, the most popular and powerful open source Message Broker. With Habari ActiveMQ Client, applications can connect to Apache ActiveMQ servers, subscribe to queues and topics, send and receive messages and objects, and work with transactions. The library follows the specification of the JMS API for Message Oriented Middleware. The communication layer supports Synapse and Internet Direct (Indy) for Lazarus.

Habari OpenMQ Client is a library for Delphi(tm) 6 to 2009 and Free Pascal which provides easy access to the Open Message Queue (OpenMQ) Message Broker, a very compact, fast and easy to use message queue system. OpenMQ is part of the GlassFish(tm) application server for the Java(tm) platform. The library follows the specification of the JMS API for Message Oriented Middleware. The communication layer supports Synapse and Internet Direct (Indy) for Lazarus.

Indy for lazarus

Begun only a short while ago, this project has as an ambition to port the 119 Indy components from Delphi/Kylix to FPC/Lazarus. See Indy for Lazarus project and a screenshot.

Internet Tools

The Internet Tools are a set of units, which should contain everything you need to interact with the www. Includes html parsers with a sax and dom-like interfaces, an XPath 2 / XQuery interpreter, CSS 3 selectors, pattern-matching xml templates, and a http/s connection wrapper around synapse/wininet. Compare the examples here.


KGrid is a powerfull grid/data aware grid solution for Delphi and Lazarus. Freeware with source.

Lazarus xPL Libraries

glh33 Home Automation is a complete set of tools and foundation library developped in Lazarus for portability purpose under Linux and Windows. xPL Hub, sender, logger, weather listener, pascalscript.... Source code available on the xPL project's google code repository.


LazReport is a group of components to add reporting capabilities to applications, it uses a visual designer to create banded reports and includes a report engine with interpreter to run user scripts and a report previewer, report designer can be invoked at runtime.

LazReport is based on FreeReport 2.32 and thanks to Fast Reports Inc. it's available under modified LGPL, the same license as the Lazarus LCL.


Note: Since Lazarus 0.9.23 revision 11950, LazReport source code is already included in Lazarus/components/lazreport directory.

Man Frames

Man Frames are management components for tables. Some data or property forms can manage quickly data. A prepared software with user Management and Functions management permits to create quickly a Management software. It depends on Extended components which are data components. Another project permits to create a Management software from LEONARDI files. On WINDOWS, LINUX and MAC OSX. Free components with LGPL license.

2010-10 extended.png2010-10 xmlframes.png


movControl allows customizing the GUI (the position and dimension of GUI controls), during execution, by final users. The programer, component user, must place it on the form and make some settings with the Object Inspector. At the application execution, the end user will be able to move or re-size the components of this sheet as desired. movControl web site.


The Synapse Project by Lukas Gebauer provides a serial port and synchronous TCP/IP Library.


Library for serial communication (Linux, Windows) from the author of Synapse. homepage: (same as Synapse)

The Icebox

A lot of useful Lazarus/FPC related information and components can be found on Tony Maro's Icebox site. His TMPack, Checkbook Tracker and RDP Frontend application are all excellent examples of the quality components and applications that Lazarus is capable of producing.

The Light Pascal Toolkit (LPTK)

The goal of the Light Pascal Toolkit Project is to create a free object pascal toolkit for linux and windows GUI development. It looks pretty interesting... check out the screenshots!


The tree list view is the combination of a TTreeView and a TListView, i.e. a tree with columns. It is custom drawn and therefore completely platform independent. (Windows, Linux gtk2, 32/64bit. Didn't test mac/qt through)


VGScene speeds the development of all graphical application, providing: a graphical editor integrated in IDE, graphical objects, simplify animation, advanced windows and controls, maximum performance, skinning engine, bitmap effects. VGScene can be used as development tools for standard, multimedia, SCADA, GIS, CAD and KIOSK applications. Support Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. For more info see


ZenGL is an open source library with tools, which helps to develop games and interactive application for different platforms.


Audio X

Audio X is a media management tool, that organizes and sorts your media without a database so everything is ever actual. A lot of audio formats are useable directly but you can also organize your LP or CD collection with it, it stores the data in XML Files so they are viewable also with a webbrowser ...

Cactus Jukebox

Cactus is an audio player that comes with a database to organize your mp3 file collection. It is currently available for linux and win32.

Since version 0.3 it supports managing and uploading files on a mobile player.


CPickSniff is a multiplatform color picker.


gdvdslides is a Linux graphical user interface for the command line program dvd-slideshow, which allows you to create a video from a set of video clips, JPEG image files and audio files. gdvdslides supports slide transitions, title slides, background images and multiple audio tracks. It also allows cropping, Ken Burns effect and scrolling slide effects. gdvdslides comes with complete documentation and tutorial.


GLScript is a simple, free, open-source scripting language for developing 3D games and animations. (GL stands for Graphics Library, I.E. Graphics Library Scripting) There are currently plans to have a code-converter to make scripts compilable with lazarus/fpc and other languages to make a standalone executable from your creation.

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro is an open source pixelgraphic editor for creating icons, cursors, animations, pixel art, etc.


hgdc-x is a cross-platform desktop client for the Hackathon Günther Daemon music player project. It's Github repository can be found at ( It requires a correctly installed and configured hgd server. The official github repository for the server can be found at (

KSP Sound Player

KSP is an easy in use yet powerful audio player supporting multiple file formats and features like dynamic playlists, bookmarking or network streaming. It also used to be hosted on this site.


LazAudioPlayer is a simple mp3 player.



  • logarithmic volume adjustment with loudness
  • professional 31 band graphic equalizer
  • stereo width control
  • echo volume control
  • playlist viewer
  • user defined equalizer settings
  • FFT display


LazPlayer is a simple mp3 player.



  • logarithmic volume adjustment with loudness
  • 10 band graphic equalizer
  • stereo width control
  • playlist viewer
  • loop ans shuffle mode
  • intelligent playing favorite tracks


LazPaint is an image manipulation application.


miXimum is the DJ's best friend. miXimum plays and mixes wav, mp*, ogg and mod audio files. On WINDOWS, LINUX and MAC OSX.


Music Player by

Music Player by is a freeware no-frills music player designed for Linux. It supports MP3, Wav, OGG and AIFF files. Created by using Lazarus, Free Pascal and the Bass audio library on Ubuntu 10.x

Program home page:


OggBase is a Free Pascal/Lazarus program for managing your Ogg-Vorbis files in a Database.

PicturesToExe Mac OS X Slideshows

WnSoft is using Lazarus IDE to develop FPC-based slideshow viewer for Mac OS X, and planned PicturesToExe for OSX.


WinFF is a GUI for the command line video converter, FFMPEG. It will convert most any video file that FFmpeg will convert. WinFF does multiple files in multiple formats at one time. You can for example convert mpeg's, flv's, and mov's, all into avi's all at once. WinFF is available for Windows 95, 98 , ME, NT, XP, VISTA, and Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat based GNU/Linux distributions.


Dreams of a Geisha

Take a journey through the magical and wonderful world of Geisha. Help Ichisumi in this incredible adventure to reopen the temples of Geisha and restore a world of beauty and passion. Dive into this engaging Match 3 game with beautiful scenery and relaxing music. Overcome obstacles, collect puzzle pieces, and be prepared to solve challenging puzzles in Dreams of a Geisha! Fantastic gameplay Exciting action Restore a wonderful world!

Powered by Lazarus FPC, ZenGL, PhoenixLib, LUA and TexturePacker.

Dreams of a Geisha - Screenshot 1.jpg Dreams of a Geisha - Screenshot 2.jpg Dreams of a Geisha - Screenshot 3.jpg

Demo Version Available for Windows Mac iPhone iPad

Developed by Green Sauce Games and Released by Big Fish Games

30 Seconds Free Software

30 Seconds is a software package that creates cards for the 30 Seconds board game. It also has a playing interface if you want to play on your laptop / PC (and hopefully soon WinCE devices).


ZWordQuiz is the remake of the famous Windows CE Software KWordQuiz. With ZWordQuiz you can use the dictionaries in the format kvtml KWordQuiz to train your memory.
Developer by Jonathan

Castle Game Engine

Castle Game Engine (project page) is a 3D open-source game engine. The engine was developed from the beginning using FreePascal (we have also Lazarus components) in nice and clean ObjectPascal code. We support many 3D model formats, including VRML/X3D, Collada, 3DS and many others. Some finished programs: view3dscene - 3D model viewer, VRML/X3D browser and castle - FPS game in a dark fantasy world.

Daring Apprentice

Daring Apprentice is a 3d Magic: The Gathering tabletop. It uses GLScene, and lNet.

Game Maker

Game Maker allows you to make computer games using easy to learn drag-and-drop actions. You can create professional looking games within very little time. You can make games with backgrounds, animated graphics, music and sound effects, and even 3D games! And when you've become more experienced, there is a built-in programming language, which gives you the full flexibility of creating games with Game Maker. What is best, is the fact that Game Maker can be used free of charge.

Originally written in Delphi, Lazarus/Free Pascal was used to port it from Win32 to Mac OS X and could be used in future for Linux and other platforms.


LazGobang is a Gobang game, powered by lazarus. Screen Shot1, Screen Shot2, Screen Shot3.

Download it.

LBP Level Logger

LBP Level Logger is a small system tray application designed to log LittleBigPlanet level statistics from over time for graphing/visualisation. It is written in Free Pascal/Lazarus. lbplevellogger-screenshot.png

Pnigin (a Pengo Remake)

Pnigin is an advanced remake of the 80's arcade classic Pengo.

The project was made from scratch, using all original artwork and music. The project used Delphi 5 personal, Lazarus and Free Pascal for development.

As the project is currently in a beta stage, there is no working demo yet. It is expected that a playable demo is released in summer 2008.

Slot Cars - The Video Game

“Slot Cars – The Video Game“ is an Indie, Racing, Simulation game with a tracks editor.

SlotCarsTheVideoGame SS 02.jpg

With “Slot Cars – The Video Game“ you can create* and edit* your own tracks and then play with these, also with a friend in a local split screen**.

It is also possible to save** and reload** your creations.

You can listen your own “shuffled music” in menu or in game, just copying MP3 into the relative directories*.

* See manual for detail.

** Only in Full version.

“Slot Cars – The Video Game” use GLScene (so, OpenGL) for graphics, OpenAL for 3D audio and Newton Game Dynamics to manage real time physics. Nothing is pre-calculated.

Powered by Lazarus & GLScene.

Final graphics and local multiplayer (splitscreen):

About graphics and multiplayer

Official Trailer:

About gameplay

Here two videos also:

About gameplay

About editor and gameplay

You can find info and the DEMO to download HERE



ExtPascal is an Ext JS wrapper. It lets you use the ExtJS from Object Pascal commands issued by the server. That brings the structure and strict syntax of the Object Pascal for programming the web browser.

Education and Scientific


Albireo is a small-footprint astronomy software for hobby and amateur astronomers. Albireo can be used as an observation documentation and object identification tool. It should be working on any MS Windows based PC.

Dynamic Star Map


Ancestroweb creates a static genealogy's web site. It is french, but can be translated easily. It is part of a future free genealogy software.

2012-04 Ancestroweb.jpg2012-05 Ancestroweb carte.jpg


ApertaQuem is an electronic ballot box for mock elections. Is available to create any candidate with photo from the webcam or file. Exclusive use for school environments. Sourceforge page


ApertaLetra is a text editor colorful and cheerful, where available, without leaving the context of software: formatting, new / open / save, cut / copy / paste and print. Sourceforge page


EzberIM 1.4f Kelime EzberIM provides you with a simple and efficient way to memorize the translations of words in various languages. Test your skills and improve your vocabulary with the help of this reliable and handy piece of software in an easy and interactive manner.EzberIM Download program cevap rapor.JPG


Harmonux 0.1.4 Harmonic Analysis. Enter a table and get the harmonic function for the table. With the graphic of the points of the table and the function. Open Source GNU/GPL, pre-compiled for Linux and Windows.


Jubarte aims to create a complete application suite to calculate and analyse the viability of telecommunication links. Jubarte is able to calculate links using Radio, Optical Fiber and Satellites, in the newer versions capabilities to calculate auxiliary systems is being added. Jubarte is being developped in Lazarus enviroment and exist binaries for Windows, Linux and OSX.


[1] LibreAquarium is a GPLv3 aquarium management system for Windows, Linux and Mac with a Simulation Model System that tries to predict the pollutants evolution using the recorded analytics, the algae risk and many other features (Tasks control, Expenses, Analitics, Statistics). LibreAquarium has been made with a quality design in order to make easier the user experience.


Manuscript4u is a GNU/GPL open source project to read and search on the Bible that includes Gematria (Bible Numerics). The Bible files can be downloaded from the UnboundBible site in many languages and converted to the format used by the program with an included conversion program. Pre compiled for Linux and Windows. Multi-language support.

Master Maths

Master Maths specialises in computer based training and maths. The 3rd incarnation of our flagship product is developed using Lazarus, Firebird, tiOPF v2 and the fpGUI Toolkit. The product has two parts. A GUI Administration application and a CGI Learner Browser (used to view and mark the teaching modules). The Learner Browser uses Adobe Flash extensively. The complete product runs under Linux and Windows.

Morse Machine

Morse Machine is an implementation of "A Fully Automatic Morse Code Teaching Machine" first described in a May 1977 QST article of the same name by Ward Cunningham using Lazarus. The program teaches Morse code by sending a character and waiting for you to type what you heard on the keyboard. It grades your score and adds new characters when it sees that you are ready. The program is released under the GNU GPL version 2. Due to its use of the sound card, this implementation is for the Windows platform.


MRIcron is an opensource project that allows users to visualize and volume render medical images (MRI, CT, PET). It includes tools for lesion mapping, non parametric statistical analysis (npm), and conversion from the medical DICOM format to the scientific NIfTI format (dcm2nii). It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


OctaveGUI is a(nother) GUI frontend for GNU Octave.


Signwriter is an Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Word Processor and Language tool. It is designed for creating and editing texts stored in MdC format and would be of interest to students, professionals, and anyone with an interest in the Ancient Egyptian Language.

Skychart / Cartes du Ciel

Skychart is a free software to draw a map of the night sky for the amateur astronomer from a bunch of stars and nebulae catalogs. It shows the position of the planets, simulates an eclipse and more.


SimSEE is a platform for Simulation of Systems of Electrical Energy. Using SimSEE we can simulate the optimal operation of systems with hydroelectrical plants, hydro-reservoirs, fuel fired plants, wind farms and interconnections with other countries. The platform has a very sophisticated tool for modelling stochastic processes like river inflows, fuel prices, wind speed, etc. The software was developed in Spanish but we are working to support other languages (help is welcome).


SimThyr is a simulation program for the pituitary thyroid feedback control that is based on a parametrically isomorphic model of the overall system that aims in a better insight into the dynamics of thyrotropic feedback. Applications of this program cover research, including development of hypotheses, and education of students in biology and medicine, nurses and patients.


SPINA is software for determining constant structure-parameters of endocrine feedback control systems from hormone levels obtained in vivo. The first version of this cybernetic approach allows for evualuating the functional status of the thyroid gland.


SysLinea 0.1.2 Solves Linear Systems and calculates Linear and Non linear Regression. It gives the Pearson and Spearman coefficients of correlation and the t-test. Open Source GNU/GPL, pre-compiled for Linux and Windows.

Turbo Circuit

Turbo Circuit is a circuit drawing tool written in Lazarus / Free Pascal.

Virtual Moon Atlas

Virtual Moon Atlas is software for lunar observation and study. It uses GLscene to give a realistic view of the Moon at any given location and time. The computations are done with the JPL ephemeris for extensive precision. It includes the most complete lunar formation database and picture library. The binary distribution is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Xoctave is a Human interface to GNU Octave. Xoctave encapsulates GNU Octave uses pipes and provides extra useful tools to make GNU Octave more easier to use. XOctave is written in Pascal using Lazarus front-end and Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) libraries. It uses synedit for syntax highlighting, and uses the Lazarus Component Library (LCL) is a set of visual and non-visual component classes over a Widget toolkit-dependent layer with multi-language support (English-Turkish)


ZCAD is a simple CAD program with support for file formats DXF.

Zcad.png simplecad.PNG

Management, Accounting and other Business Software


AddressBook using the Sqlite store data, Support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English three languages​​. Support the list shows, support to add, delete, right-click pop-up list menu to delete, change, check; Support importing csv, export csv file; import file format to export csv files can fill in; Contact the system into the same name as the default if there is to add a new record; Encoding exported file system based on user language encoding decisions; support the dynamic selection of countries or companies and added; support the department or group of dynamic selection and add; support the phonetic code or short code quick search contacts. For example: the Monkey King of the alphabet code, SWK. may enter the code in the alphabet Jane S, Sun will contact all the names are listed; Screen Shot


BRP-Software is a powerful and extremely flexible ERP System, that uses the Firebird database as backend. The first major release is in use with several different database structures to handle the needs of different business types. We have seperate databases for container logistics, laser cut metal production, software distribution and computershops. All databases use the same base application written in Lazarus.

BRP Software is currently only focusing on the German speaking market, but it is developed for international usage. We plan to publish an international version in second half of 2013. There is a special free version already called Personal edition available now. This has only one restriction: it can not be used with more than one network user. This version includes the computershop database out of the box.


Contact Contacts

Contact Contacts is a free of charge portable and secure organizer that supports bulk emails and SMS.

All data is stored securely into an encrypted database.

The documentation is located here


DB2 Security Script importer

DB2 Security script is a script that runs on the DB2 database system and outputs audit/security-relevant information.

Accompanying this script is a conversion program, OutputParser, that converts the script dump to a Microsoft Access database, Firebird embedded database, Microsoft Excel file, DBF, CSV etc.

Although the program is fairly trivial, it shows:

  • how to use fpXMLXSDExport and FPSpreadsheet for output
  • how to create MS Access files programmatically
  • how to export datasets to another database
  • and some text processing/recognition and field creation on the input side.



Eleman is a accounting program with personnel, stock and billing capabilities. It is using firebird, zeosdbo and GPL licensed.


ExVan is a WinCE/Win32 mobile invoicing program with batch data transfer for Greek ERP systems or standalone use.


Gestinux is a small accounting software, to enter moves and import in various formats, to reconcile, and to print usual reports. It is in english and in french, and can easily be translated to other languages. It is possible to setup specific reports for various countries. It runs on Linux and Windows, using MySql.

Bilancio Facile

Bilancio Facile is a simple application to manage the family budget.

Developed by Jonathan.

Screen shot


opsi is an open source Client Management System for Windows clients and is based on Linux servers. Key features:

   * Automatic OS installation (unattended or image based)
   * Automatic software distribution and patch management
   * Hardware and software inventories
   * multiple location support

opsi server runs on Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, SLES, CentOS, UCS and RHEL. We use Lazarus for the component opsi-winst which is the script driven generic setup program which does all the installations and system manipulations on the windows boxes.


OutKafe is a next-generation free and open source cybercafe management suite. It currently is running hundreds of cybercafe's at businesses, schools and other establishments around the world.


Promet-ERP is a Small Business ERP System / Project management Solution / Mail Program / Document Management System. It can be used with most major Database Systems and on all major platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X).
mainscreen windows.jpgkalendar windows.jpgwiki windows.jpgmainscreen linux.pngkalendar linux.pngwiki linux.png


Postcode is an open source program that looks up Dutch postcodes and adresses. It can look up postcodes when given street/street number/city and it can give the address when given a street number and postcode. Additionally, you can let it read in a CSV file or other delimited file and let it add missing information.

Windows and Dutch language (source code commented in English). Uses a Firebird embedded database filled with postcode data from [2].


Note: this postcode information has been released for all uses by the government on February, 2012.

Demonstrates use of CsvDocument to read/write delimited files, regex library, Firebird stored procedures, database normalization and use of read-only transactions. PostcodeLaz screenshot

TreePad Lite for Linux

TreePad Lite for Linux is a freeware personal information manager. TreePad Lite can help you manage, store, edit, organize and browse any type of textual data, such as: notes, emails, articles, links, phone numbers, addresses, scraps pasted from the Web, etc. Suitable for Linux. Created by using Lazarus and Free Pascal on Ubuntu 10.x.

Program home page:


RiXtoR is a Point of Sale program specially designed for restaurants, working on both Windows and GNU/Linux Systems

SilentCoder's Site DireqCafe is a complete and full full featured internet cafe solution for LTSP. A number of other useful lazarus programs can be found on A.J. Venter's site.


TruckBites is a business management software for independent trucking companies and owner/operators (for the USA.) Written under contract by Tony Maro for both Linux and Windows for "Partners in Trucking, LLC". Still under development, anticipated release in the next few months.

TurboCash plugins

Open Source Accounting software apparently allows writing plugins using Lazarus/FPC. The program itself is still written in Delphi: description on Sourceforge

Wireless Orders for Mini Bar Cafe

Win32 TCP/IP Application Server, Win32 TCP/IP Client, WinCE TCP/IP Client. Using Lazarus and lNet we develop wireless ordering system for Mini Bar - Cafe. Print receipts directly to Cash Mashine.

More Info ( ) Demo ( )


WGVW is a freeware program for househould management. It includes capture of income and expenses (cash book) as well as recurrent items (recurring income/expenses). Apart from that it is possible to digitize documents and save account data. The program uses a Firebird database.

order.jpg Example.jpg table.jpg mtrl.jpg

Utilities and Miscellaneous

Adnan Dictionary

Adnan dictionary is a light and open source dictionary based on the database. It is available for both windows and linux and intends arab users.

Bar Generator

Bar Generator is a simple QR, AZTEC and Data Matrix code generator.


Becape is an open source backup tool aimed to personal/desktop usage. It does incremental backups and stores the backup info in a sqlite database allowing to restore the exact state of the backed files at a chosen date. It's fully written in Lazarus/Free Pascal.


BioTray, your Biorhythm in traybar. Biorhythm means rhythm of life. Our live is directed by emotional, intellectual and physical rhythms who begin at our birth. You will see on your traybar 4 new icons. They are : the emotional, the intellectual, the physical and the intuitive icon. How more the icon is filled, how big is your power. On WINDOWS, LINUX and MAC OSX.

In traybar :




CheckRide is an open source remote control tool. It lets you take over the screen and keyboard of a remote computer. The helped person only needs to run the program, no firewall/router changes necessary. The helper does need to forward a port in her router. Features:

  • No configuration required for client, just click and be helped
  • Helper can use the tool to create a custom version of CheckRide that connects to her server. This way, the helped party only needs to download and run one program. Alternatively, the helper can distribute a configuration file for the same purpose.
  • Supports Windows UAC
  • Encrypted connection
  • Uses UltraVNC and stunnel programs to provide remote control and encryption
  • Supports Windows helped persons and helpers on Windows (CheckRideHelper.exe) and Linux (stunnel/vncviewer), probably OSX, too.
  • Can be used for free, both commercially and non-commercially. CheckRide wrapper is MIT licensed freeware: it can also be incorporated in commercial programs.

Technical details: it uses an UltraVNC winvnc reverse connection and stunnel to create an encrypted connection. You can realize this by just using stunnel and vncviewer, so the helper side should be usable on Linux and OSX, too. For now, CheckRide itself has only been compiled on Windows; it will need some changes for other operating systems.

FreePascal techniques that are used:

  • Controlling external programs
  • Installing/deinstalling Windows services
  • "Poor man's resource": adding zip files after exe with configuration data, UltraVNC, stunnel
  • Zipping/unzipping files
  • Using a manifest to request Administrator privileges/elevation
  • Handling command line options; multiple configuration mechanisms (embedded config file, config file in application directory, command line options)

More details: see CheckRide wiki.

Screenshots: Lazarus_Application_Gallery#CheckRide


CamMirror Using the camera as a mirror, it can be switched to several resolutions such as 320*240,640*480,800*600,1024*768 and full screen by clicking the tray icon menus. Windows only.


Convertor is a unit converter with a slightly different GUI. It aims to be as minimal and unobtrusive as possible, yet easy to use. It has many unit categories and units, and the units are defined in XML file which can be upgraded with no recompilation of the program.



CQRLOG is an advanced ham radio logger based on Firebird database. Provides radio control based on hamlib libraries (currently support of 140+ radio types and models), DX cluster connection, QRZ callbook (web version), a grayliner, ON6DP QSL manager database support and a most accurate country resolution algorithm based on country tables developed by OK1RR. CQRlog is strongly focused on easy operation and maintenance.

Cut Your Time (CYT)

Cut your time is portable cross platform application for Windows and Linux that allows you to create reminders (alarms).

The documentation for this application can be found here



dbmaker is a database application using TDbf and LazReport. Its user interface language is german.


Dedalu is a collection of small and simple projects developed in Lazarus by Giuseppe Ridinò (aka Pepecito). They are games, editors, utilities, etc.


Diacrit is a utility to help with access to Unicode characters, choose the language you want. click the character button and paste into your application. Diacrit was first written in Turbo Pascal for Windows back in 1996, migrated to Delphi, and now upgraded to FP/Lazarus.

Double Commander

Double Commander is a cross platform open source file manager with two panels side by side. It is inspired by Total Commander and features some new ideas.


ExPress is a GUI wrapper for UPX (Ultimate Packer for eXecutables).


Etiket is a Label design and print tool. GPL licensed.


fenixsql is a simple admin tool for firebird sql database

Fit Easily

Fit Easily is an online service for building the model of some experimental data, fitting its parameters and storing the results together with the data. Both of the cgi and the core was coded with Lazarus.


A tool that gets the current version of FreePascal Compiler (FPC) and Lazarus IDE from their subversion repositories and compiles/installs them. It also compiles and installs whatever packages you want to install. It also creates a shortcut on your desktop that points to the new Lazarus installation.

Meant to be used side by side with other FPC/Lazarus installations (it creates a separate primary config path directory for the new Lazarus installation, so it doesn't interfere with existing Lazarus installs)

It's open source software, please see the code for the license. Runs on Windows and Linux; experimental support for OSX, FreeBSD. Run fpcup --help for command line options. See: fpcup repository and executables site

Free Pascal Operating System

Interested in developing an OS with Free Pascal? This project can be used as a starting point (though incomplete and YOU ARE WELCOME to complete it :-)). Download it here(

Another interesting project developed with Free Pascal called TORO can be found at: TORO: (

Golfml Applications

Golfml Applications are aimed at golfers and golf course managers. The purpose of GolfML is to provide a XML-based file format for the exchange of golf-related data. CourseWriter is an application for easily authoring golfml files and editing them. Golfml Reader is to display and test golfml data files. USGA/EGA Calculator has various golf handicapping functions, and uses golfml data files. Executables for Linux 64 and 32 bit and Windows 64 and 32-bit. Source code for all applications.


A GTK based Firebird Administration tool using Firebird Objects and Lazarus Components is available here.

Heat Wizard

Heat Wizard is a command line and GUI tool for the conversion of the voltage of a thermocouple to a temperature and vice versa (for Win32, Mac OS X, and Linux).


A cross-platform tool for embedded C developers. It automatically converts binary files into C header files containing hexadecimal arrays for integration into embedded projects. The GitHub repo is at (

HJSplit for Linux

HJSplit for Linux is a freeware file splitter. HJSplit supports file sizes of over 100 Gigabytes, Split, Join/Recombine, MD5 checksums, file-compare and "run without install". Suitable for Linux. Created by using Lazarus and Free Pascal on Ubuntu 10.x.

Program home page:

Incredimail to EML

Incredimail2EML is a util to convert Incredimail to EML format with attachments. The program will also try and continue converting even if it runs into a corrupt mailbox or messages. All messages are created in sub folders that represent the mailbox in Incredimail.


Program home page:

ISA Digital Osciloscope

A graphical interface for a digital osciloscope. The osciloscope itself is an ISA card with a probe to measure waves. It works on both Windows and Linux. There is some information on how it is being built on Hardware Access. The full documentation (in English and Portuguese), screenshots and the source code of project can be downloaded here.


JavaneseChess is a Javanese chess game implementation. Available for Desktop platforms and Android (not feature complete yet).


Kamouflage - Camouflage files into images


LazEdit is a simple text editor with tabbed document interface, supporting various syntax highlighters. It also has built-in functions for editing HTML.


LazFileSplitter is a utility to split and merge big files.



Warning: Does not seem to be maintained. A working alternative is fpcup

From their web site: LazUpdater is a front-end for "svn" and "make" commands with some useful features to install or configure FPC and Lazarus. Once it's configured you update and rebuild FPC and Lazarus by just one click. With profiles you can manage different installations. Written for Linux, Windows, OSX.

Licence: GPL v3


LazVisual is an external tool to include resources on executable file and set application icon.

Mep LA

Mep LA is a simple and fast text editor. Key features: working with txt and html/php files, replacement and some customizable scripts with shortcuts. You can configure replacement and run it with a click or keyboard combination.


MouseWiggler is a simple application to periodically send message to make mouse move to prevent screen saver from executing (could be useful in a limited environment like a computer lab with auto logoff :p). The wiggle might not be visible because I give no delay between two messages to move the mouse from its current position to somewhere else and back.

MUTerm (Rs232 Terminal)

MUTerm 0.1.1 MUTerm is a Com Port communication tool for external devices like as Modbus RTU , ASCII etc. Also you can write your communication routine witwh pascal script. Main Screen Shot

Additionally some TCP functions added yet. It can be work with internet or localnetwork Modbus TCP or Http. TCP Connection Screen

tcp screen.JPG

MUTerm created with by Lazarus 1.0 MUTerm Download


MyNotex is a free software for Gnu/Linux useful to take and to manage textual notes.

Screenshot of MyNotex 1.2.0 - en.png


NotePas is an open source multi-platform text editor written in Lazarus. It can be compiled for multiple platforms and widget sets.

notepas - code folding.png

notepas - codefilter.png


PasDoc is an open-source documentation generator for ObjectPascal source code. It reads documentation from comments in your source code (an option to read it from an external file is also available), and generates nice docs in HTML, LaTeX or other formats. We have a console program, and a cross-platform GUI version using Lazarus.


PasViz is a developer utility for automatically generating unit dependency diagrams based on pascal source code. This project is tested on Mac OS X and Windows, and should work on Linux with very minor adjustments. Requires GraphViz (or other software that can view .dot files) for viewing the graphs.


PasMonTray is an open-source CPU and memory usage monitor that sits in the system tray. Uses TrayIcon and various Win32 api calls.

Project PouchHiker

PouchHiker is written in Lazarus, using KOL-CE and lNet. PouchHiker lets you connect and participate in the gps-carpool network (

Project Theseus

Tom Lisjac's Project Theseus is using Lazarus and FPC for creating a rapid deployment and distribution system for Linux called Epik-Builder. EpikStopwatch and EpikBrowser are also Lazarus based projects that are currently under development.


recALL is a password and license recovery application made with Lazarus.


QueryIt includes two functions; one is an AddressBook, another is an URL Collector. Screen Shot-01 Screen Shot-02 Screen Shot-03 Screen Shot-04 Screen Shot-05 Screen Shot-06


QFront is a platform independent frontend for the CPU Emulator QEmu

Seksi Commander

Seksi Commander is a GPL File manager for Linux developed in Lazarus and FreePascal. Integrated bin, text, hex viewer (own component) and editor based on SynEdit.

SFS Technology

SFS-Technology solves dependency problems on a Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Tiger operating system.

Shell for Gammu (Mobile Phone Tool)

The Gammush Site offers hardcopies and downloads for this application. Gammush is a shell for gammu.exe. It allows to backup/restore your phone data, get, edit, put logos, set date+time, send sms messages etc.


Siages is an ERP application made with Lazarus.

Sun Simulator

The sun simulator changes the gamma/brightness/color setting depending on the time and date. It is supposed to synchronize the color of the display to the color of the sun light outside, but before it can do that, you have to manually set your preferred color for some fixed times (e.g. noon, dawn, night). (Windows only)

Transmission Remote GUI

Transmission Remote GUI is a feature rich cross platform front-end to remotely control a Transmission Bit-Torrent client daemon via its RPC protocol. Transmission Remote GUI is faster and has more functionality than the build-in Transmission web interface.

Turbo Talker

Turbo Talker is a Network messaging tool with DES encryption support. You can configure port number and 8 byte DES key. It is peer-to-peer application. It is licensed under GPL license.

Turbo Dictionary

Turbo Dictionary is a It is a english to turkish dictionary. It is a GPL licensed software.

Turbo Postman

Turbo Postman is a It is a mass mail sending tool. You can use a text formatted file or a MySQL database for mail sending list. It is a GPL licensed software.

CoreNet ISP Management

CoreNet ISP Management is a It is fully ISP management software. It is freeware windows application.

Virtual Magnifying Glass

Virtual Magnifying Glass is designed for visually-impaired and others who need to magnify a part of the screen. Unlike most similar programs it does not open a separate window for the magnification but instead puts a movable magnifying glass on screen. The project was converted from Visual Studio .NET to Lazarus and now offers a Linux version. Mac OS X and Pocket PC versions are planned.


WandS (Wake and Shutdown) is a program for webmasters or sysadmins for taking control of servers at datacenters. With WandS, you can shutdown or wake up any server or server group at any time through SSH or SMB.


Wi(n)Xtap (formed by the words Windows XP Vista) was a program created for early versions of Lazarus. This program allowed the creation of the .manifest file so to set up a graphical theme to your application and it allowed the user to define a customized icon. This program is useless since 0.9.24 because those features have been implemented into the IDE itself. Stable releases of Wi(n)XtaP where the 4.0 beta, 5.0, 6.0 and the latest 6.1 (fixes of 6.0). Further plans to expand its capabilities are temporally blocked.


WikiHelp is a small tool that generates HTML pages from a Wiki. It downloads the content automatically and convert the WikiText pages into HTML. Most WikiText features are useable including images, tables and so on.

Win32 API Manager

The API Manager is a very old program giving a GUI for Win32 API functions. It can do everything there is an API function for, e.g. list all processes, change their priority or kill them; list all windows and change their attributes (e.g. change a password, edit to a normal, readable edit) ... It was originally written with D4 for Win98, but I ported it to Lazarus and added support for NT-platform functions. So, it should still work nowadays.


The WindSirf application reads and displays files from the GTS-31 GPS. Initially it is aimed at windsurfers, but may expand its capabilities. The initial release is for Win 32 only.


A platform independent command line tool to download webpages and extract data from them, using XPath 2 / XQuery expressions, CSS 3 selectors or custom pattern-matching templates. It is kind of an example for my internet tools.

If your Lazarus project should be listed here, please edit this page and add it!