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The Additional tab of the Component Palette contains more, often-used components


Icon Component Description Online Docs
tbitbtn.png TBitBtn Button with caption and an optional image Link
tspeedbutton.png TSpeedButton Similar to TBitBtn, but cannot receive keyboard focus. Often used on toolbar-like panels. Link
tstatictext.png TStaticText Displays text much like TLabel, but can receive keyboard focus. Link
timage.png TImage Display an image (gif, jpg, bmp, png) Link
tshape.png TShape triangle/rectange/round shape Link
tbevel.png TBevel Border that suggests depth. Useful to group form elements optically. Link
tpaintbox.png TPaintBox Drawing area with a TCanvas Link
tnotebook.png TNotebook Container to hold pages, much like a real-world notebook. Similar to TPageControl, but does not have tabs. Link
tlabelededit.png TLabeledEdit Combination of a TEdit and a TLabel Link
tsplitter.png TSplitter Tool for resizing adjacent controls Link
ttrayicon.png TTrayIcon Icon for the application in the system tray Link
tcontrolbar.png TControlBar Container for user-configurable toolbars Link
tflowpanel.png TFlowPanel Container for components which do not have a fixed position but can “flow” when the container size changes Link
tmaskedit.png TMaskEdit TEdit variant which can force the user to obey a specific input mask. Link
tchecklistbox.png TCheckListBox Similar to TListBox, but the the items have attached TCheckBoxes Link
tscrollbox.png TScrollBox Scrollable container Link
tapplicationproperties.png TApplicationProperties Non-visible application property supplier Link
tstringgrid.png TStringGrid 2-dimensional grid for strings Link
tdrawgrid.png TDrawGrid 2-dimensional grid for which the cells must be drawn by user code Link
tpairsplitter.png TPairSplitter Behaves like a TSplitter combined with panel-like containers on each side for other controls. Link
tcolorbox.png TColorBox Combobox to select a color Link
tcolorlistbox.png TColorListBox TListBox to choose a color Link
tvaluelisteditor.png TValueListEditor List of property names with editable values Link

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