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The LazControls tab of the Component Palette lists various (non related) Lazarus-specific components of the Lazarus Component Library

Component Palette LazControls.png

Icon Component Description
tcheckboxthemed.png TCheckBoxThemed Rewritten checkbox needed by the Object Inspector
tdividerbevel.png TDividerBevel Caption with beveled line (used by the IDE configurations dialogs).
textendednotebook.png TExtendedNotebook
tlistfilteredit.png TListFilterEdit Can filter a TListBox
tlistviewfilteredit.png TListViewFilterEdit Can filter a TListView
tlvlgraphcontrol.png TLvlGraphControl Displays a graph of the hierchical relation of objects, e.g. the inheritance of classes.
tshortpathedit.png TShortPathEdit
tspineditex.png TSpinEditEx Similar to TSpinEdit but with consistent behaviour across widgetsets
tfloatspineditex.png TFloatSpinEditEx Similar to TSpinEditEx but with consistent behaviour across widgetsets
ttreefilteredit.png TTreeFilterEdit Can filter a TTreeView
textendedtabcontrol.png TExtendedTabControl

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