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The SQLdb tab of the Component Palette contains non-visible components for access to "large" database systems.

Component Palette SQLdb.png

Icon Component Description
tsqlquery.png TSQLQuery Needed to read/write data from/to a DataSet using SQL commands
tsqltransaction.png TSQLTransaction Defines how changes are transferred to the databasse
tsqlscript.png TSQLScript Scripting for execution of multiple SQL commands
tsqlconnector.png TSQLConnector General connection component; the database engine is defined by property ConnectorType
tmssqlconnection.png TMSSQLConnection Connection component to MS SQL database engine
tsybaseconnection.png TSybaseConnection Connection component to Sybase database engine
tpqconnection.png TPQConnection Connection component to Postgres SQL server
tpqteventmonitor.png TPQTEventMonitor Monitors events sent from the Postgres SQL database server
toracleconnection.png TOracleConnection Connection component to Oracle database server
todbcconnection.png TODBCConnection Connection component to an ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) data source
tmysql40connection.png TMySQL40Connection Connection component to MySQL 4.0
tmysql41connection.png TMySQL41Connection Connection component to MySQL 4.1
tmysql50connection.png TMySQL50Connection Connection component to MySQL 5.0
tmysql51connection.png TMySQL51Connection Connection component to MySQL 5.1
tmysql55connection.png TMySQL55Connection Connection component to MySQL 5.5
tmysql56connection.png TMySQL56Connection Connection component to MySQL 5.6
tmysql57connection.png TMySQL57Connection Connection component to MySQL 5.7
tsqlite3connection.png TSQLite3Connection Connection component for SQLite3 database files.
tibconnection.png TIBConnection Connection component to InterBase/Firebird
tfbadmin.png TFBAdmin Component for Interbase/Firebird administration tasks
tfbeventmonitor.png TFBEventMonitor Monitors events sent from the Interbase/Firebird server
tsqldblibraryloader.png TSQLDBLibraryLoader Specifies the names and locations of SQLDB database libraries
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