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The SynEdit tab of the Component Palette lists components of the Lazarus Component Library for use with syntax editing.

Component Palette SynEdit.png

Icon Component Description
tsynedit.png TSynEdit A TMemo-like visible component used for syntax-highlighted editing
tsyncompletion.png TSynCompletion Syntax completion by use of drop-down list
tsynautocomplete.png TSynAutoComplete
tsynmacrorecorder.png TSynMacroRecorder
tsynexporterhtml.png TSynExporterHTML
tsynpluginsyncroedit.png TsynPluginSyncroEdit
tsynpassyn.png TSynPasSyn Generic Pascal syntax-highlighting
tsynfreepascalsyn.png TSynFreePascalSyn Free-Pascal syntax-highlighting
tsyncppsyn.png TSynCppSyn C++ syntax-highlighting
tsynjavasyn.png TSynJavaSyn Java syntax-highlighting
tsynperlsyn.png TSynPerlSyn perl syntax-highlighting
tsynhtmlsyn.png TSynHTMLSyn HTML syntax-highlighting
tsynxmlsyn.png TSynXMLSyn XML syntax-highlighting
tsynlfmsyn.png TSynLFMSyn LFM syntax-highlighting
tsyndiffsyn.png TSynDiffSyn
tsynunixshellscriptsyn.png TSynUNIXShellScriptSyn Unix shell syntax-highlighting
tsyncsssyn.png TSynCssSyn CSS syntax-highlighting
tsynphpsyn.png TSynPHPSyn PHP syntax-highlighting
tsyntexsyn.png TSynTeXSyn (La)TeX syntax-highlighting
tsynsqlsyn.png TSynSQLSyn SQL syntax-highlighting
tsynpythonsyn.png TSynPythonSyn Python syntax-highlighting
tsynvbsyn.png TSynVBSyn Visual Basic syntax-highlighting
tsynanysyn.png TSynAnySyn
tsynmultisyn.png TSynMultiSyn
tsynbatsyn.png TSynBatSyn Batch-file syntax-highlighting
tsyninisyn.png TSynIniSyn INI-file syntax-highlighting
tsynposyn.png TSynPoSyn Po-file syntax-highlighting

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