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is a small command-line utility that can be used to translate C header files to pascal units. The Free Pascal team uses it to make import units for important C libraries such as GTK or MySQL.


is a tool that allows you to make complex makefiles to compile programs and units with FPC. The Free Pascal team uses it to create all it's makefiles. ( See Fpcmake )


is a tool that replaces the combination of fpcmake and (GNU) make in the build process. This tool is replacing fpcmake+make in FPC 2.7.x (See FPMake)


is a small utility that scans a program or unit and creates a depend file that can be used for inclusion by make. It understands conditional symbols and interdependency of units.


is a small utility that scans a directory for files left over by the Free Pascal compiler, and deletes them.


dumps the contents of a unit in human-readable format. It understands older versions of units and gracefully handles unknown (future) versions.


lists the object files that you need to link in when using a unit file. It lists all libraries and units that are needed.


combines several units into one; as such it can be used to create static and dynamic libraries.


is a configurable source formatter. It pretty-prints your pascal code, much like indent does for C code. See PTop


is a small utility that converts .rsj files (files that contain resource strings, as created by the compiler) to some other format.


TP Lex and Yacc, written by Albert Graef. It can be used to create pascal units from a Lex vocabulary and Yacc grammar.


The pas2jni utility generates a JNI (Java Native Interface) bridge for a Pascal code. Then the Pascal code (including classes and other advanced features) can be easily used in Java programs.