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The Data Access tab of the Component Palette contains non-visible database-dataset related components.

Component Palette Data Access.png

Icon Component Description Online Docs
tdatasource.png TDataSource Connects TDataSet (database contents) and data controls
tbufdataset.png TBufDataset Buffered in-memory TDataSet
tmemdataset.png TMemDataset Light-weight alternative to TBufDataset
tsdfdataset.png TSdfDataSet Accesses delimited text files as a TDataSet
tcsvdataset.png TCSVDataSet Accesses CSV text files as a TDataSet. Similar to TSdfDataset, but conforms to RFC4180 CSV
tfixedformatdataset.png TFixedFormatDataSet Accesses text files with fixed format records as a TDataSet
tdbf.png TDbf Accesses dBASE data files
tparadox.png TParadox Accesses PARADOX data files
tsqlite3dataset.png TSqlite3 Connects to SQLITE3 and its data files.

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