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AksiIDE is a light freeware multi-platform text editor written in Lazarus. very useful for PHP developers. It has these features:

  • PHP Project Wizard
  • Portable Version Available
  • Live View Browser
  • Project Management
  • Class Generator
  • Integrated With Database Explorer (MySQL + Postgresql)
  • Database Browser
  • FTP Explorer
  • File Explorer
  • Code Explorer with Function List
  • Code Snippet
  • PHP Source Minifier
  • PHP Source Formatter
  • Syntax Checker
  • Multi Workspace Layout

Aksi IDE.jpeg


Anoa-Code-Editor is easy, simple, & powerful code editor. It's FREE for you.



Why Anoa-Code-Editor?

  • Easy to install & easy to use.
  • Simple user interface and simple navigation.
  • Powerful, support many popular languages & simply running code directly for selected languages.

What can I do with Anoa-Code-Editor?

  • Open many kind of text files, especially for codes.
  • Edit multiple files at the same time.
  • Syntax highlighting and syntax completion for many popular languages.
  • Find and replace text with several options, including replace text with special character like carriage return or tab.
  • Folding code for better readability.
  • Easy drag for reordering tabs.
  • Working with theme you love.
  • Running code directly from app.

CudaText Editor

CudaText is an advanced code editor for Windows, Linux, macOS.



Dexed, the D Extended Editor, is an IDE for the D programming language, its compilers, tools and libraries. Overview:

  • available for Linux and Windows
  • supports all the D compilers (DMD, GDC, LDC)
  • supports DUB
  • full D Completion Daemon integration
  • dynamic D-Scanner linting with results displayed in the editor gutter
  • debugging with GDB GUI on Linux
  • integrated terminal emulator on Linux with GTK2 widget set

Hagen - cross platform HTML generator

Hagen is a open source (LGPL) cross platform html generator (or client side CMS). It supports the web developer by generating a website and writing the pages. For that purpose Hagen will automate as much tasks as it can. Features:

  • project management
    • variables, functions and settings
    • template based and (page) divisions
    • source files (.source) for content
  • editor
    • syntax highlighting
    • Markdown
    • search over all pages
    • insert colors, images, tables and references
  • repository
    • for data exchange
    • for templates
  • automation
    • automate menu generating
    • internal and user defined variables and functions
    • printing page
    • generates whole website


Hex is an open source hex editor with some features which are useful for analyzing binary files ("reverse-engineering"):

  • Numeric viewer: displays the byte selected by the cursor and the following bytes to standard Pascal numeric data types (byte, shortint, word, ..., singe, double, real48) as a usual number.
  • Record viewer: allows to construct "records" from the basic Pascal types. The record elements are displayed in "human-readable" form. Commands are available to scroll through the file record by record.
  • Object viewer: displays embedded images.



LazEdit is a simple text editor with tabbed document interface, supporting various syntax highlighters. It also has built-in functions for editing HTML.

Mep LA

Mep LA is a simple and fast text editor. Key features: working with txt and html/php files, replacement and some customizable scripts with shortcuts. You can configure replacement and run it with a click or keyboard combination.


NotePas is an open source multi-platform text editor written in Lazarus. It can be compiled for multiple platforms and widget sets. Downloads.

notepas - code folding.png


PiNote is a free source code editor that supports several languages. Running on Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Written in Free Pascal and Lazarus IDE, uses the SynEdit component with extended syntax highlighter modules. PiNote's many features include macro recording, code highlighting, encryption and/or decryption of text and files and more.