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15-puzzle is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing. The object of the puzzle is to place the tiles in order by making sliding moves that use the empty space.



2048 is a Lazarus implementation of famous block sliding puzzle video game.


Bomber Kat

Commercial game developed with FPC for iOS (both arm and arm64 platforms are supported). ZenGL based. Lazarus has been used as a primary IDE. Link: App Store

C-evo: New Horizons

C-evo: New Horizons is a fork of the well designed turn-based empire building game C-evo inspired by Civilization II game. It was originally developed for Windows using Delphi 4 but later fully porter to Lazarus to support also Linux.

C-evo start.png C-evo game.png C-evo game2.jpg

Castle Game Engine

Castle Game Engine (project page) is a 3D open-source game engine. The engine was developed from the beginning using Free Pascal (we have also Lazarus components) in nice and clean ObjectPascal code. We support many 3D model formats, including VRML/X3D, Collada, 3DS and many others. Tools and games using the engine include:

Common Loon Hearts

Common Loon Hearts is the card game Hearts. It is written in Free Pascal with the Lazarus IDE for Windows and Linux. Source code is available here.

hearts screen.png


DMines is an edition of the classic game Minesweeper with a dynamic twist, unrevealed mines can change location every set number of seconds.


Dreams of a Geisha

Take a journey through the magical and wonderful world of Geisha. Help Ichisumi in this incredible adventure to reopen the temples of Geisha and restore a world of beauty and passion. Dive into this engaging Match 3 game with beautiful scenery and relaxing music. Overcome obstacles, collect puzzle pieces, and be prepared to solve challenging puzzles in Dreams of a Geisha!

Powered by Lazarus FPC, ZenGL, PhoenixLib, LUA and TexturePacker. Developed by Green Sauce Games and Released by Big Fish Games.

Demo available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad.

Dreams of a Geisha - Screenshot 1.jpg


Eschecs is an application to play chess against different artificial opponents. Eschecs uses the fpGUI Toolkit, and the uos and BGRABitmap libraries.



Fairtris is a video game, a clone of the 32-year-old Tetris® game produced by Nintendo for the Famicom and NES consoles, designed for modern Windows systems. Fairtris is not an emulator — it is a full-fledged game with OpenGL support via the SDL library (using the SDL2-for-Pascal headers). Thanks to this combination, it is super-fast and ultra-light. This project was initially created as a tool to test various RNG algorithms, but after some time it turned into a complete and rich video game and a knowledge base for those who would like to know more about the internal mechanisms of the classic version of this game. For more information, see the project wiki on GitHub.

Important features:

  • implementation of gameplay mechanics compatible with the Nintendo Tetris® game,
  • DAS mechanics fixed and spin buffering added, making the controls fabulously responsive,
  • extended mechanics with basic wall kick, hard-drop and multi-spawn soft-drop,
  • support for eight regional versions of the game, including original NTSC and PAL versions,
  • support for as many as seven random piece generators, including the classic RNG,
  • support for free marathon and speedrun modes, qualifications and matches with same piece set,
  • the ability to start the game from any level up to the killscreen,
  • the ability to play on a keyboard or any USB controller (with input mapping support),
  • supports window mode and exclusive video mode,
  • support for additional meters, such as TRT, BRN, as well as gain popup,
  • stores the best results for each game region and RNG type,
  • has a pause menu with the ability to quickly restart the game and change settings,
  • shows the game summary screen after each game,
  • support for two themes (minimalistic dark and classic skin),
  • possibility to use it with NestrisChamps and MaxoutClub,
  • it's light and very fast — should run smoothly even on a heavily loaded PC,
  • it is fully portable, no installation required,
  • and many more!

Fairtris prime menu.png Fairtris gameplay.png Fairtris prime menu 2.png Fairtris gameplay 2.png


fpChess is still under construction. It should support playing via the internet as well as against a computer AI.



Source port of the game Doom developed in FPC/Lazarus. GitHub

Game Maker

Game Maker allows you to make computer games using easy to learn drag-and-drop actions. You can create professional looking games within very little time. You can make games with backgrounds, animated graphics, music and sound effects, and even 3D games! And when you've become more experienced, there is a built-in programming language, which gives you the full flexibility of creating games with Game Maker. What is best, is the fact that Game Maker can be used free of charge.

Originally written in Delphi, Lazarus/Free Pascal was used to port it from Win32 to macOS. Available for Windows desktop, macOS, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, tvOS, fireTV, Android TV, Microsoft UWP, HTML5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Hedge Wars

Hedge Wars is a worm-like game with very nice graphics and good AI. The game features typical worms gameplay including net play. The game itself is written in FPC while the config application is C++/Qt.

HedgeWars Scene


JavaneseChess is a Javanese chess game implementation. Available for Desktop platforms and Android (not feature complete yet).

Juegos Iniciales

Juegos Iniciales are a small collection of 3D tutorial games in Lazarus, SDL and Free Pascal. In 2016, there were only four games: Origamis Iniciales, Bloques Iniciales, Nudos Iniciales, Palitos Iniciales.


LazGobang is a Gobang game, powered by Lazarus and Free Pascal.

Lazarus Mazes

The Lazarus Mazes program is a demonstration of how you can use Lazarus to create a maze. The maze generation is based on a depth-first backtracking algorithm. As a bonus, a simple maze solver is also implemented that shows a route from the start of the maze to the exit.


LBP Level Logger

LBP Level Logger is a small system tray application designed to log LittleBigPlanet level statistics from over time for graphing/visualisation. It is written in Free Pascal/Lazarus.


Lentil Wars

Lentil Wars is an arcade action game for Linux and Windows that is still under development. Players combat each other in multiple nicely designed levels. Lentil Wars can be played both on a single computer as well as over a network.

Lentil Wars Scene

Mundo Medieval 3D MMORPG

Featuring a virtual world of more than 1.000.000 m2, plus caves and hell sceneries, 17 NPCs, 21 kinds of monsters, including 7 bosses, 58 different items and 100 quests, this is a really large game made with Free Pascal/Lazarus. The project is 100% free software, both code and media are licensed under GPL. The project sites are and

Mundo - Screenshot 1.png Mundo - Screenshot 2.png Mundo - Screenshot 3.png

Peg Solitaire tutorial

Peg Solitaire serves as a game (Peg Solitaire) tutorial that aims at introducing the user to the basics of Lazarus application development. Source available.

tutpeg solitaire.png


Petris is yet another Tetris clone. Source available.


Retro Ski Run

Retro Ski Run is a simple ski game for Windows 32/64bit and Linux 32/64-bit.

ss rsrStartScreen.jpg

Robot - The Game

Robot is a game in which you control a character through a world consisting of 5*5 rooms, each with 20*20 fields. Every field contains a special game object; this can be a wall, a bad robot who wants to kill you (because of the robots, the game is named Robot), a door (for each door, you need a special key) and so on. and examples/Robot 1.7/ Source available.


Snake for ptcGraph

Snake for ptcGraph is a simple snake game based on the ptcGraph unit. Steer the snake with keyboard arrows and eat as many fruits as you can.



TransLines (Transit Lines) is a real-time metro building game with visual style of public transport maps. It runs on Windows, Linux and macOS (need to compile yourself for macOS).

BitMetro small.png BigMetro main.png

UltraStar Deluxe

UltraStar Deluxe is a free and open source karaoke game inspired by the Singstar™ game available on the Playstation®. It allows up to six players to sing along with music using microphones in order to score points, depending on the pitch of the voice and the rhythm of the singing. It is currently available for Windows, Linux, macOS and FreeBSD.

UltraStar Deluxe Main Page


ValisoaChess is a chess game written in Free Pascal and Lazarus. The main goal is to create a simple yet powerful chess engine.


Zen GL updated

Zen GL is a 2D game engine. Now Zen GL uses Steam Game Libraries. You can migrate your Delphi X or Image Sprite old 2D Delphi games with that Zen GL upgraded Game Engine. The Zen GL Linux packages are zgl.deb or zgl.rpm.

And also an updated version of ZenGL with support for Android and MacOS Cocoa. In Russian. Support for English is evolving. Inside there is a link to the iOS version but the new features are not included.