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Adnan Dictionary

Adnan dictionary is a light and freeware dictionary based on the database. It is available for both Windows and Linux and is intended for Arab users.

adnan dict.png


EzberIM 1.4f Kelime EzberIM provides you with a simple and efficient way to memorize the translations of words in various languages. Test your skills and improve your vocabulary with the help of this reliable and handy piece of software in an easy and interactive manner. Also added some features for example picture samples, it gives a sentence with a picture also you can copy your pictures into directory. Final feature is to make a sentence with mixed words. EzberIM Download

program cevap rapor.JPG


Home Page on Sourceforge GLwaves is an educative program to visualize electromagnetic waves in order to make it easier for students to understand them. GLwaves has simulations for wave functions and polarisations.



irMouse unites a customized USB webcam and a projector so that user can use a simple infrared marker as an input device thus emulating mouse. Suitable for educational purpose, presentations etc.



Libro is a cross-platform text analysis program written in Python and Free Pascal/Lazarus which scans a whole text file (in plain text, HTML, EPUB, or ODT formats) and ranks all used words according to frequency, performing a quantitative analysis of the text using Shannon-Weaver information statistic and Zipf power law function. It counts words, chars, spaces, and syllables. Also computes readability indexes (Gunning Fog, Coleman-Liau, Automated Readability Index (ARI), SMOG grade, Flesch-Kincaid grade level and Flesch Reading Ease).



Manuscript4u is an open source project to read and search on the original languages of the Bible and on the translations. It has unique and easy way to do research on words in Greek and Hebrew. Learn the meaning of the word without dictionaries by the way that word was translated. In parallel, the original Hebrew/Aramaic (Old Testament) or Greek (New Testament) with your preferred translation.

It comes with Bibles in Hebrew/Greek and English, Portuguese, Spanish but you can download scores of other translations. The Bible files can be downloaded from the UnboundBible site in many languages and converted to the format used by the program with an included conversion program. Pre compiled for Linux and Windows. Multi-language support. Currently English and Portuguese. Strong's dictionary for the Greek with one click. Links to sites like "The Blue Letter Bible" with further details about the word with one click.

Manuscript4u: Bible search on original languages

Master Maths

Master Maths specialises in computer based training and maths. The 3rd incarnation of our flagship product is developed using Lazarus, Firebird, tiOPF v2 and the fpGUI Toolkit. The product has two parts. A GUI Administration application and a CGI Learner Browser (used to view and mark the teaching modules). The Learner Browser uses Adobe Flash extensively. The complete product runs under Linux and Windows.

SBA System Creator

The SBA Creator is a software tool that allows the easy creation of SBA system projects. It comes with access to the SBA library repository and SBA forums. With SBA creator, the VHDL designer can access a special SBA controller editor, many IP cores, and tools. Teachers can customize the SBA creator to use his own repository and themes.

SBAv5a.png SBAv5b.png


SignWriter is an Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Word Processor and Language tool. It is designed for creating and editing texts stored in MdC format and would be of interest to students, professionals, and anyone with an interest in the Ancient Egyptian Language.



TappyTux is a children's educational games suite. TappyTux originally started as a childrens typing tutor, but it has evolved a modular architecture which allows many types of educational games to be played on the same engine. It has been highly optimized for use on remote displays. Source available.

TappyTux 1.png TappyTux 2.jpg

Unbound Bible

Unbound Bible is a free, multilingual Bible-reader program for Windows, macOS and Linux. This is fast and effective way to explore bibles.

screenshot unboundbible-3.3.png