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  • Name: Alexey Torgashin.
  • Location: Russia.

Main field of interest in Lazarus: LCL and its controls.


I've improved in FPC and Lazarus:

  • LCL: TTreeView: implement Tooltips
  • LCL: TTreeView: implement MultiSelectStyle options
  • LCL: TTreeView: implement HotTrack
  • LCL: TTreeView: implement DisabledFontColor
  • LCL: TTreeView: implement auto-scrolling up/down during drag-drop
  • LCL: TShape: added shapes: triangles, 5-angle star
  • LCL: TArrow: added custom arrow angle
  • LCL: LConvEncoding: refactored
  • LCL: added function Dialogs.InputQuery with array parameters (like Delphi XE)
  • LCL: added buttons+colors to Calculator dialog
  • LCL: TImage: added StretchInEnabled/StretchOutEnabled, KeepOriginXYWhenClipped
  • LCL: TImage: added OnPaintBackground
  • LCL: TPanel: added BevelColor
  • LCL: TListView: added CustomSort
  • LCL: TCustomGrid: implement DisabledFontColor
  • LCL: TPageSetupDialog: added Margin*/Units props, big rework of Unix PageSetupDialog
  • LCL: implement mouse wheel horizontal scrolling (OnMouseWheelHorz, OnMouseWheelLeft, OnMouseWheelRight)
  • LCL: implement TMenuItem.Assign(TMenuItem), TMenu.Assign(TMenu)
  • FPC: RegExpr unit: supported Unicode word detection for "\w"
  • Components: LazControls Filter* controls: added FilterOptions prop
  • Components: PlotFunction: added LineWidth props
  • Components: SynEdit: added 2-3 features to SynEdit (at the time when I needed it, new caret shape and showing of some unprinted chars)
  • IDE: added keymapping, like Mac keymap with replaced Ctrl->Command
  • IDE: added TextHint usage to 4-6 forms
  • IDE: added treeview (was listbox) to "New project" dialog
  • IDE: made help in refactoring Project Inspector (I removed ++ button and moved its funcs into submenu of + btn), Package Manager (same work)
  • IDE: added "Manifest options" form, added 3-4 options for manifest
  • Widgetset: Carbon+Cocoa: fixed Canvas.LineTo, Canvas.TextOut
  • Widgetset: Win32: TTabControl/TPageControl: implement TabWidth/TabHeight
  • Widgetset: GTK2: major fix to allow Ru chars input, if app starts with Ru keyboard layout active
  • Widgetset: Win32/Carbon/Cocoa/Gtk/Gtk2/Qt: implement mouse wheel horiz scrolling
  • Widgetset: Cocoa: made Ctrl+click calling the context menu (like it should be on macOS)
  • Widsetset: Cocoa: implement LCLIntf.MessageBox.
  • Widgetset: GTK3: improvements to Canvas drawing code (LineTo, Rect, FillRect, Ellipse, Polygon, Pixels)
  • Widgetset: GTK3: fixed TRadioButton behaviour



  • I have very detailed SynWrite editor. It has many plugins. And 190+ syntax lexers.
  • CudaText is the new editor based on ATSynEdit, it has JSON config files instead of options dialogs. Shares lexers with SynWrite.