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Animations of commit history made with gource by Bernd K. :

11 years of Lazarus development:

Eight months in 2011-2012:

Lazarus Developer Team

Member Photo Role in Lazarus IRC nick GIT nick GMT
Andrew Haines (no photo) Gtk2, LHelp drewski ? GMT-05
Alexander Klenin (no photo) TAchart _Ask_ ? GMT+10
Balázs Székely (no photo) balazs_szekely ?
Bart Broersma (no photo) LCL, Win32 flyingsheep GMT+01
Chris Kirkpatrick (no photo) not active currently, was documentation ? ? GMT+00
Darius Blaszijk (no photo) not active currently, was IDE daar ? GMT+01
Dmitry Boyarintsev (no photo) cocoa, carbon, LCL skalogryz ? ?
Don Siders (no photo) Documentation ? dsiders ?
Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho (no photo) LCL, customdrawn widgetset sekelsenmat ? GMT+01
Jesus Reyes (no photo) database controls jesusra jramx GMT-06
Juha Manninen JuhaManninen.jpg IDE, Delphi Converter JuhaManninen JuhaManninen GMT+02
Laurent Jacques (no photo) not active currently, was images ? ? GMT+01
Luiz Américo Pereira Câmara luiz americo.png LCL,win32,gtk2 blikblum ? GMT-03
Paul Ishenin paul ishenin.jpg LCL, win32, IDE Paul_Ishenin ? GMT+07
Marc Weustink (no photo) LCL, debugger giantm mweustink GMT+01
Martin Friebe MartinFriebe.jpg synedit + IDE source editor, debugger martin_frb martin_frb GMT+00
Mattias Gärtner (no photo) codetools, LCL, IDE lazidealist lazidealist GMT+01
Maxim Ganetsky (no photo) i18n, l10n, IDE, LCL KritiK ganmax GMT+04
Mazen NEIFER (no photo) linux packages ? mazen.neifer ??
Michael Hess (no photo) not active currently, lazarus founder ? ? ??
Michael W. Vogel MichaelVogel.png LCL, Win32 ? michl1 GMT+01
Micha Nelissen (no photo) not active currently, was win32 neli ? GMT+01
Ondrej Pokorny (no photo) not active currently ? onpok GMT+01
Tom Gregorovic (no photo) not active currently, was carbon Tombo ? GMT+01
Vincent Snijders Vincent Snijders.jpg wiki server maintainer, previously active for win32, as release manager, fixes branch supporter fpcfan ? GMT+01
Werner Pamler (no photo) TAChart, various components ? wpam GMT+01
Zeljan Rikalo Zeljan.jpg qt, gtk2, LCL zeljan zeljan1 GMT+01

FPC Developer Team

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