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The Dialogs tab of the Component Palette contains all dialog-components.

Component Palette Dialogs.png

Icon Component Description Online Docs
topendialog.png TOpenDialog Dialog for selecting the name of a file for opening it Link
tsavedialog.png TSaveDialog Dialog for selecting the name of a file for saveing it Link
tselectdirectorydialog.png TSelectDirectoryDialog Dialog for selecting a directory Link
tcolordialog.png TColorDialog Dialog for selecting a color Link
tfontdialog.png TFontDialog Dialog for selecting a font Link
tfinddialog.png TFindDialog Dialog with parameters for finding a text Link
treplacedialog.png TReplaceDialog Dialog with parameters for replacing text Link
topenpicturedialog.png TOpenPictureDialog Dialog for selecting the name of a picture file for opening it Link
tsavepicturedialog.png TSavePictureDialog Dialog for selecting the name of a picture file for saving it Link
tcalendardialog.png TCalendarDialog Dialog for selecting a date Link
tcalculatordialog.png TCalculatorDialog Dialog showing a pocket calculator Link
tprintersetupdialog.png TPrinterSetupDialog Printer setup dialog Link
tprintdialog.png TPrintDialog Print dialog (select printer, pages etc). Link
tpagesetupdialog.png TPageSetupDialog Dialog for setting up a printer page Link
ttaskdialogicon.png TTaskDialog very flexible message box allowing to add various levels of text, additional buttons, as well as radiobuttons. Link

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