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Lazarus and Pascal Tutorials

(See also "Websites", further down this page)

Lazarus/FPC (Free Pascal)

Hardware, Threads and Processes

  • Using the printer - Printer support in Lazarus
  • Hardware Access - How to access hardware devices, such as ISA cards, PCI cards, parallel and serial ports and USB devices.
  • Multithreaded Application Tutorial - How to write multithreaded applications using Free Pascal and Lazarus.
  • Executing External Programs - A short tutorial showing how to run external programs from inside your program.
  • LazDeviceAPIs - A LCL unit which offers an interface to various hardware devices such as the Accelerometer, SMS sending, GPS positioning, etc.




The Lazarus User Guides



Integrated Development Environment


The Lazarus component library (LCL) is very similar to Delphi's VCL (Visual Component Library). Most Lazarus units, classes and properties have the same name and functionality as their equivalents in Delphi. This makes porting Delphi applications to Lazarus relatively easy.



Coming from Delphi

The Lazarus Developer Guides

LCL - Lazarus component library

The following articles go deeper into developing for/with the LCL. See also the user LCL section above.



These articles cover how to set up the IDE, LCL and your own programs with translated/localized strings, and how to internationalize them (e.g. deal with date formats, decimal separators etc) :

  • German - Notes and guidelines for translating the Lazarus IDE to German, including a small dictionary to look up often used translations.
  • Portuguese-Brazilian - Small dictionary containing common translations of terms used in the Lazarus IDE for the Portuguese-Brazilian translation.
  • Russian - Notes and guidelines for translating the Lazarus IDE into Russian.

Additional Components Documentation

Free Pascal Compiler Documentation

In addition to this site, the latest version of the documentation can also be found on-line and in a variety of downloadable formats on the main Free Pascal Compiler site.

Special Topics

Lazarus related blogs, websites, videos, magazines and books



These websites cover Free Pascal, Lazarus or both - or they cover Delphi concepts that are applicable to Lazarus/FPC:






Conferences on Lazarus and Free Pascal

How to cite in scientific publications

Missing documentation?

If you miss documentation for Lazarus or Free Pascal, you can always write it yourself and submit it to the Lazarus/FPC bugtracker for inclusion. Have a look at:

  • FPDoc Editor Built-in documentation editor in Lazarus. Page explains how to get fpdoc help sources and write your own help.

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